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random night time times

[Somewhere on the island, months and months before the actual posting of this post, in a Secret Base, there is a boy lying in bed. For some inexplicable reason, perhaps a recent event or another is distracting him, he cannot sleep!]


[After a few tosses and turns, he decides to roll out of bed and see if that will help.]

A-Ah-- Oof! ... Now why did I think that was a good idea?

[He sits up and looks both ways, then another brilliant idea comes to him. He tiptoes across the floor of the base and, very gently, pokes the figure in the other bed a few times.]

Hey, Katara. Kataraaaaa.

Are you asleep?

concrit post

Concrit post. Comments are screened, IP logging is off. Feel free to tell me anything I could work on. Thanks.


interaction post

[Want to talk to Ruby? Don't feel like posting or waiting for him to post? Then hit him up here and we'll get to threading!]

[log: the morning after!?!?]

*IIIIIN THE GIANT ROOM INSIDE A BUSH THAT IS RUBY'S SECRET BASE--!! There is a boy plopped down next to a bed with his partners all sort of wandering around the joint. AAAAND ON A BED THAT THIS BOY NORMALLY SLEEPS IN THERE IIIIIIIS... utau*

Am I... Am I supposed to wake her or let her sleep? The way she passed out like that, she might be very sick...!

*flopping on his back*

... You know, if she was half as brutish as I say she is, she would probably be fine with some Potions. ... Good thing she is asleep, she might hit me again! Aaaah and I still have to talk to Alto about the other day...! This weekend was so messy!
"Christmas", the holiday of giving and friendship and... all of that. Really, why isn't there a holiday celebrating beauty? Now that would be a much better holiday! And then I wouldn't have gotten "in the spirit" and... done this.

*sigh* Well, I'd hate to just waste it all considering it's too late now...

*and now standing in front of a certain cave!*

I still can't believe she lives... here though. Really, it's no wonder if she chooses a murky place like this.

*SIGH knocking on the... walls*

Hello~? Anyone here?


Ruby: Try this on, it's the new style.
Sapphire: Okay! I'll change right away!

Sapphire: It's...it's a little tight, huh...
Sapphire: (Did you get the wrong size?)

Ruby: Ah...
Ruby: You got fatter.

Sapphire: Ruby!!!
Sapphire: You, you ass!
Sapphire: You could just say that I look like a natural delicacy.

Voice: Am I wrong? (I don't think I am...)
Sapphire: It's not just that I don't want to be called thin.
Sapphire: You can say that my womanly adult body has arrived early.

Sapphire: You could say....that my breasts have grown juuuuuust a little, you think?
Ruby: Jaa...

Ruby: Let's measure them.

Ruby: Hey! Where are you going!
Sapphire: Sh, shut up! Ruby, you just don't get it!

Thank you 4chan.


[self explanatory because recaptcha sucks]
why do I always write him angsting foirsehtoiejgopwraeht big spoilers lol don't read this also butchering someone else's character and maybe even my own again yaaay

ignore ignore ignoreCollapse )
S-Stealing this from Kia too derp-- fuck yes in a writing mood.


Give me a prompt and I'll write you a drabble.

The catch is--it has to be for one of my characters or my characters and yours or someone else's you ship them with, whatever. It can be ANYTHING, AU, TYL, first meetings, angst, nice things, etc, as long as it's related to island interactions somehow.

Shadow the Hedgehog @ hopetohumanity
Cierra @ scarletcalamity
Sonozaki Mion @ yamionrly
Simon @ charginmahdrill
Kuwahara "Saya" Sayako @ brbquittinglife
Takamine Kiyomaro @ thekingtobeandi
Ruby @ screwthejewels
Guy Cecil @ fontechfag

Request whateeever ya want and don't get mad if it ends up long.